Upcoming K-drama Now, We Are Breaking Up to Pre-record the Drama Press Conference This Month and Male Lead Jang Ki Yong Will Enlist in the Military After Promos

Audiences won’t see upcoming romance drama Now, We Are Breaking Up until November but we’ll all have to pretend the male lead is around when the drama airs because the promo materials are being prepped now for release them. In a first (as I can recall), the drama press conference which usually happens a week to a few days to even the same day as a drama premiere, will be fully pre-recorded in advance by three months. The cast of Breaking Up will do the press conference with reporters this month and afterwards male lead Jang Ki Yong will enlist in the military. This is such a smart move otherwise it’s a romance drama but the press conference and promo materials won’t have him in it and that does look weird for this genre. On a totally random note, and y’all know I love Jang Ki Yong (mmmmm my yummy gumiho hottie!) but pulling pictures for this post made me see something I can’t unsee now – this boy has a weird habit at press events of standing there stiffly with his left arm behind his back and his right armed raised close to his torso so it looks like a duck wing. What I love about this habit is that it’s clearly genuine, that’s how he stands when greeting the press, and he probably can’t help it if he could. Awwww, it’s like noticing some odd but harmless tic of my own son.

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