Wu Yi Fan Detained by Chinese Police on Suspicion of Rape After Investigation into Allegations Brought by Influencer Du Mei Zhu

I’m going to see how his fans will spin this but then again I’ve seen even worse misconduct spun by diehard fans in other cases. Chinese-Canadian singer-actor Wu Yi Fan (Kris Wu or just Kris when he was part of EXO) has been detained by the Beijing Chaoyang District police station after two weeks of investigation into allegations that he had raped multiple women. One woman an influencer named Du Mei Zhu started the snowball into his personal life after she posted online how Wu Yi Fan woo’d her, then drugged and raped her. She alleged this was his MO and that he had raped even minors in the past. Since the Wu Yi Fan has lost over a dozen high profile brand sponsorships and endorsements and all his projects went on halt. Wu Yi Fan’s agency had posted after the allegations broke that he never drugged or raped any woman, and they would sue for defamation, and that if he did any crime he would be happy to go to jail. So, uhm, yeah I guess now’s that time. Rumors swirling in C-ent is that the police are in possession of hard evidence, videos and text messages of Wu Yi Fan’s MO picking up young women, getting the girl drunk, and sleeping with her without consent (i.e. rape), and that those were recorded and kept in order to keep Wu Yi Fan from ever trying to leave the agency. If true forget his career, in China rape can be punishable by as severe as life in prison without parole and/or the death penalty if the circumstances warrant.

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