Wu Yi Fan Investigation Broadens to Include Same Allegations in Los Angeles and Multiple C-stars Rush to Distance Themselves From Rumors of Involvement

The Chinese-speaking publications continue to follow closely the Wu Yi Fan (Kris Wu) detention and investigation into rape and drugging young women in China. Now a lawyer in Los Angeles confirmed that a woman in LA has also lodged the same allegations against Wu Yi Fan, with him reportedly doing the same tactic when he visited LA which was frequently as his mother lives there plus he went for fan meetings, recording albums, and doing promo work. The allegations are that his team would organize fan meetings and use so he could select young women to take back. On the Chinese front, there are rumors of other Chinese celebs being involved in Wu Yi Fan’s case whether participating and/or facilitating the way young women were brought to him. Top names like Fan Bing Bing, Jin Bo Ran, Bao Be Er, He Jiong, Wilbur Pan, JJ Lin have all been named and each has filed police reports for defamation and stridently denying any and all alleged involvement.

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