Hometown Cha Cha Cha Heads into This Sunday’s Final Episode 16 with K-viewer Complaint About the Big Back Story Behind the Male Lead’s Angsty Guilt

It’s an impressive feat that tvN drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha is currently sitting at number 2 in 2021 ratings for the Sat-Sun timeslot for the network, behind Vincenzo, though Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) isn’t counted as a 2021 drama since it premiered in 2020. It’s last few episodes have been in the 9%-10% ratings with the highest being two episodes that broke 11%. I think it can break 12% for the final episode this Sunday but that aside it’s rare to hear last minute critique on a popular drama but here’s what K-netizens are annoyed about with a last minute reveal. Viewers learned that Kim Sun Ho‘s male lead Du Sik has been living in the seaside village doing odd jobs and being helpful to all because it gives him purpose after he was so despondent he contemplated suicide. That was over the death of his friend’s dad who entrusted funds to Du Sik to manage as a fund manager and the money was lost over bad investing picks. Viewers are upset that this paints fund managers in a bad and untruthful lie that when a client loses money its the fault of the manager especially here when Du Sik didn’t even pick the investments. He was blamed by those around the dead client and his guilt ate away at him. K-netizens think this is a dumb plot twist which I think in the history of terrible, awful, no good last minute K-drama plot twists this is small potatoes. The drama sounds like it’ll still wrap up with a happy ending so at least the ardent fans will get plenty of satisfaction.

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