jTBC Releases Moody Official Drama Posters and Previews for Lost with Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Jun Yeol

I’m annoyed when productions pick an English title for a K-drama that is both totally different than the Korean title and is so generic or shares the title with a much more famous earlier project. jTBC is calling the upcoming Human Disqualification (Disqualified From Being Human) based on the same name novel with the drama title of Lost, and goodness are there stranded plane crash castaways on a supernatural island or what? I get that the leads of the story are “lost” in their lives so I’ll reluctantly accept that, with Jeon Do Yeon as a woman in her 40’s feeling pointless about the life she’s led and Ryu Jun Yeol as a man in his 20’s wondering if his life will amount to anything. I can basically say “right there with ya” to the lady and “been there, done that” to the guy. The whole project has the same tonal and what’s the purpose of my kinda sucky life vibes as critically acclaimed tvN drama My Ahjusshi (My Mister), which despite the moody tone and non-romance element still roped in viewers and won tons of awards. So this is my way of saying K-drama Lost comes across as very art house and on the side of conceptually pretentious, but could work if it tells a honest and human story without veering into too depressing and boring.

Teasers for Lost:

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