Kim Sun Ho Leads the Male Star Votes for the Popularity Award at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards

I’m neither surprised nor have any strong thoughts about this other than how awkward it’s going to be if he wins. Scandal ridden K-actor Kim Sun Ho is currently leading the votes on the male star side of the upcoming 2021 Asia Artist Awards. It’s one of the less prestigious and relatively newer awards on the circuit but has been around for 5 years now. Voting began after Kim Sun Ho’s scandal broke (I believe but could be a few days before that) so it’s not that voting was done way earlier so that Kim Sun Ho’s fans piled on their votes. His fans are voting for him KNOWING what happened, the allegations, his apology and statement validating the allegations, and subsequent firing from three movies and losing about 13 endorsement brand deals. I don’t know if the strength of their vote will win him the prize and in the long run pave the way for his eventual return to K-ent, but clearly he’s still got a dedicated contingent (even if smaller than before) of diehard fans.

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