Lee Bo Young in Talks for jTBC Career Woman Drama Agency Set in the Advertising World

K-actress Lee Bo Young has cultivated an enviable acting career in the last decade, arguable more popular, successful, and beloved than her first decade. Between the ratings hits, cult faves, and critically lauded performances, she just radiates this capable and deliberate vibe, like she knows exactly what she wants to act in and goes and make it happen. It’s girl power for sure and her next drama taps into that – she is in talks for the second half of 2022 jTBC drama (Ad) Agency, which can’t figure out if it wants to add the word Ad into the title or go with the pithy one word take. It’s set in the advertising world and follows the female lead as she climbs the ladders and becomes the first chief executive, so think modern day Mad Men but a lady is in charge. Less sexism and more finding ways to tap into the modern woman’s psyche and thereby her wallet in targeted ads. It sounds like a role she will suit seamlessly and I hope the drama doesn’t skew towards the makjang is all.

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