Lee Jung Jae in The Face Reader Tops K-netizens Most Impressive Entrance in a Movie Followed by Kang Dong Won in Temptation of Wolves and Jo Ji Woong in A Hard Day

It’s funny to see Western media write about Netflix K-drama Squid Game and lead Lee Jung Jae as if it’s his first foray with blockbuster fame. In a worldwide level for sure, but he’s been a top movie star in South Korea for nearly three decades and is so famous he’s often taken cameo/guest starring/villain roles in recent years to branch out. He’s in the K-netizen blogosphere this week in a post highlighting the best entrances of a character in a K-movie. He tops the list for his sauntering in for The Face Reader, followed by the iconoclastic Kang Dong Won under an umbrella entrance in Temptation of Wolves, and third is villainous Jo Jin Woong striding in to face Lee Seon Kyun in A Hard Day. In the honorable mention category is Lee Jin Wook‘s arrival in the movie version of The Beauty Inside and in a total shocker for anyone who has seen it, the end of the end arrival of Kim Soo Hyun on a bike in Miss Granny. Below are the moments in permanent GIF form for your pleasure.

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