Veteran Award Winning Actress Youn Yeo Jung in Talks for 2022 K-drama Tree Dies While Standing with Kang Ha Neul and Son Ye Jin

This as as award winning a powerhouse drama lead casting as I have ever seen. We have three Baeksang Best Actress/Best Actor winners joining together for a 2022 slated K-drama literally translated as Tree Dies While Standing. Korea’s first Oscar acting winner veteran Youn Yeo Jung will be making a K-drama return as a North Korean born now old woman living in South Korea who has terminal cancer, and a no name two-bit actor who makes her final wish come true by pretending to be her filial grandson. In talks as said fake filial grandson is Kang Ha Neul, with Son Ye Jin offered the role of her real granddaughter. Youn Yeo Jung’s character established a successful hotel resort chain in South Korea after escaping the North and her story takes her beginning in the 1930s through WWII and then the Korean War. She separated from her husband and son when they were escaping the war and her biggest wish is to reunite with them one day. The story sounds tear inducing on the synopsis alone but with this cast, OMG everyone invest in tissue paper and toilet roll company stock right now because we’re getting a shortage again when this airs. Also, I’m calling Baeksang 2023 nominees right here.

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