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[Note: Season 1 of Colin Jones will resume next time, and there is further good news: Netflix and GWAE have announced that Colin Jones is renewed for Season 2!]

A few periods per yr, my aged dad and mom made use of to make the push from New Jersey to Boston. Like all aged individuals who have not grasped the power of the “cellular phone,” they would inventory the vehicle with treats, bottled water, batteries, blankets, and other survivalist objects, just in situation the 4-hour push turned into nuclear winter season. They—meaning my daddy—would also use old-school paper diagrams of the land and streets, that they referred to as “maps” (ahead of the phrase attained a money letter). The map was marked with an asterisk in Connecticut for a particular relaxation stop—the 1 that experienced immaculate bogs.

As an AP, I’ve utilised casino bathrooms as a second business. In a pinch, the rest room is the fastest, safest place to reload a BP (funds/chip reloads should never ever be completed beneath the open sky on the casino floor), rely chips, strategize with a teammate (there may well be no cell cellular phone reception in the on line casino), and from time to time cover. I at the time experienced to do a quick modify of outfits to influence my escape from an imminent backoff at a tribal house. I left my hat, shirt, and pants in a toilet stall.

Quite a few of us APs invest a whole lot of time on the highway, which is a different life within AP. The speed traps in Capay and Onawa. The GWAE podcasts. The voice chats on Discord. And for some, the piss jugs. Avoiding the PJs could reveal the growing acceptance of Buccee’s. Absolutely sure, Buccee’s provides you a selection from dozens of equivalent gas pumps, and salt-h2o taffy, fudge, and brisket, all beneath one roof. But for the street-weary AP, Buccee’s is just a cleanse, effectively-lighted position, like the loos.

So it is not without imagined and knowledge that I’ve arrive to have a deep appreciation for bogs and the staff who hold individuals bogs thoroughly clean. Even the toke hustlers who set up store in Vegas loos insert value (in a nightclub rest room, these minimal toiletries and “amenities” can be genuinely valuable FTW!).

As an alternative of having to pay them bigger wages, modern society has recognized the tremendous price included by this sort of employees by giving them loftier job titles. When I was a kid, there was a “janitor” at faculty. Apparently that term has an unrefined connotation, so we have upgraded that to “custodian,” or “bathroom attendant,” or “Executive VP of Custodial Providers.” In casinos, I imagine these employees might just be “Maintenance Technicians” as section of that division.

I have not listened to anybody use the label “AP” for these employees, inspite of the simple fact that they make income at the casino. So what is an “AP”? That dilemma has been coming up a whole lot these days, in unique as it pertains to device gamers, several of whom find out a basic truth or two by following someone’s Twitter account, and then go out choosing up some cash at the on line casino.

Right before I delve into the debate, permit me challenge a disclaimer: My remarks are not a fox-and-grapes condemnation of those people gamers who are at this time producing tons of funds in machine play (MP). I’ve been recommending to new APs that they make certain their portfolio features machine revenue. MP is commonly out there, can be quite worthwhile, has a small startup time, enables for solo execution, and is somewhat scalable. So to me, this is not a discussion regarding the merits of the activity, per se, but moreso the labeling. Should really a equipment participant be named an “AP”? (And when I speak about MPs, I’m not talking about the analysts who derive strategies, often executing statistical examination right after accumulating data. I’m talking about those gamers who study a tweet or watch a 3-minute YouTube movie and then go out and obtain cash.)

Permit me convey to you a Vegas tale. Back in the day, when Steve Wynn was Vegas’s favored son, he was rather hands-on with the administration of his casinos. He did not like the simple fact that some of his staff ended up, in his feeling, overpaid for the career. To that conclusion, he tried using to get a minimize out of the vendor toke pool, and redistribute the shaved revenue to floorpeople who weren’t finding a piece of individuals tokes. And if some of the shaved revenue boosted the casino’s base line, that was a in addition.

The transfer to shave the seller toke pool received prevalent press coverage, lawsuits, and all the envisioned pushback from the sellers. “It’s so tricky standing up 6 hours per day. And we have to offer with unruly, drunk, abusive prospects. You have no concept how tricky this occupation is. We gain our $90k and then some. You really should basically pay back us a higher minimum amount wage. And our tokes are a birthright. What? You say you have a PhD and do not even make $90k? Effectively whose fault is that, brainiac? Not ours! You know we get yelled at by drunks, suitable?”

What didn’t get a ton of press protection was Steve Wynn’s strategy on chopping fees for the custodial staff. Here’s the summary of the hardly ever-just before-published white paper that was leaked to our GWAE “investigative journalists” (make sure you do not simply call us “bloggers” or “trolls”). So the janitors are generating $20/hour or more, on major of positive aspects. To make points even worse, they’re all becoming a member of a union. At this position, they barely even do substantially do the job. The faucets, towel dispensers, and very hot-air hand dryers are all automated. Even while the janitors fill out a log and swipe their ID to point out when they’ve supposedly cleaned the toilet, their principal purpose is just to make sure the bathrooms and urinals are flushed, since it appears seriously terrible if a consumer sees some leftovers. So these unionized janitors are just pressing a button from time to time, and they are making about $20/hour executing it, and it will take no training by any means. Plan: The on line casino can crowdsource the janitorial companies.

Subsequent the leak of this white paper, a Twitter account widely followed in the MP group (@SteveWynnIsNotGreedy) tweeted this sensitive facts: “The Wynn has installed a number of new wongable machines. If you go behind the higher-limit Regal Space to the even-more-superior-restrict private Los Banos Home, you’ll see they’ve put in a dozen Pool of Gold equipment, and 4 Triple Ultimate Royal Diamond equipment. I do not know the manufacturer, since they are not certainly labeled, but they are pretty distinct with a present day chrome and white porcelain housing. The TURD machines can be performed in private booths, but the Pool of Gold machines are alongside the wall of the Los Banos Room. Swipe your card when you go in to make sure you generate the reward. If you see a Pool of Gold device with any golden pool accumulated at all, then it’s good EV. Just press the button right up until the golden pool is cleared. At that position, your card is awarded a random amount of money of cost-free engage in. It looks like the minimum amount is $1 for every golden pool cleared, but I have found as superior as $4, and the ordinary would seem to be close to $1.50. Due to the fact you can quickly locate 3 golden swimming pools for each hour, which is it’s possible $5/hour. By the way, the graphics are so impressive that some MPs say that it nearly feels like the device splashes them when they enjoy. What’s mad is that the plops set the device into golden shower mode, and then they just walk away, leaving the accrued golden pool. Idiots!”

“Then there are the Triple Ultimate Royal Diamond machines. You’re searching for a device that has at the very least one particular TURD image. If there are a few TURD symbols, you are going to get a bigger reward. These plops just sit down on all those equipment, depart three TURDs and get up and go away! Morons! I have also witnessed a device that had three TURDs and a golden pool, but I couldn’t confirm if that presents you a reward multiplier. Just keep clicking until the symbols apparent. Usually it takes only just one simply click! I estimate that the 4 TURD equipment would deliver an supplemental $8/hour. The plops really do not appear to be wising up, and competition isn’t as well negative, so it’s very steady. We just want extra of these devices. Not guaranteed why every person is not leaping on this sh**.”

Consider about the male that Steve Wynn fired. Every working day, that person drove to the on line casino. He would place in eight hours, nevertheless not all active do the job, of program. There is a large amount of going for walks close to. He did his ideal to enhance his earnings by becoming a member of the union, and proudly carried his union card. His “work” consisted of pushing a button from time to time. He gained $20/hour, with no variance, and his “graph” went steadily up, unquestionably good. He was identified as a “janitor” or “custodian.”

What about the new man who confirmed up when Steve Wynn crowdsourced the task as a result of incentivization? Each and every working day, this person drives to the on line casino. He places in his 8 hours, although not all energetic work, of training course. There is a ton of strolling about. He does his most effective to increase his earnings by signing up for the rewards club, and carries his Platinum Card all-around his neck. His “work” is made up of pushing a button from time to time. He earns about $13/hour, with variance, and his graph goes erratically up, very possible positive. He’s identified as an “AP”?


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