Jo In Sung Donates 500 Million Won to Finish Building School in Tanzania Educating Over 300 Students

Charity work for the rich and/or famous is a usually a mixture of guilt donation, publicity go-gooder donation, and sincere donation. I think any donation to a charitable enterprise or cause is good in my book even if the star is doing it to get brownie points, anything given towards those in need is the most important. With that said, K-actor Jo In Sung is one of the least publicity driven stars in the industry and is quite press shy, and has been known throughout his career for his charity work. He has really stepped up and beyond in his latest charitable endeavor, donating 500 million won (nearly $440,000 USD) to help finish building a school in Tanzania. He visited in 2019 to do community service in that community and heard the New Vision school had run out of funding in its building so he donating the remaining amounts needed to finish the construction. To date the school has opened and is currently educating over 300 primary school students. I’m genuinely so touched and can only keep being impressed by Jo In Sung’s talent onscreen and philanthropy offscreen.

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