K-actor Kim Jung Hyun Takes First Step in Comeback By Signing New Agency Contract with Story J

Well this will certainly get the K-netz in a frenzy, I’ll just sit back with the popcorn. K-ent is reporting that K-actor Kim Jung Hyun has signed with a new agency Story J, five months after his big scandal that started with an agency dispute, he wanted to leave and sign with a new agency, his agency didn’t want him to leave, which morphed into revelations that his bad attitude on the set of K-drama Time was due to being controlled and wheedled by then girlfriend Seo Ye Ji to be cold to all the ladies on the set especially female lead Seohyun. K-netizens were understandably upset and disgusted by those two taking their real life relationship dysfunction to the workplace and basically tanking Time, which was so bad Kim Jung Hyun LEFT THE DRAMA MIDWAY and was written out despite being the male lead. See, how can you say it’s just personal life stuff when it actually had a real world financial and reputational effect on an entire drama cast and crew. Anyhoo, Kim Jung Hyun apologized and went into reflection, and in the meantime resolved his dispute with his prior agency. Now he’s signed with Story J which also reps Kim Tae Hee, Seo In Guk, Yoo Seung Ho, and Kim Sung Chul. I expect he’ll be cast in a drama or movie slated for mid to end of 2022 as the timing of his first step back.

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