Lovers of the Red Sky Resumes Airing After Week Hiatus with New Stills Showing Chun Gi Having Curious Encounters with Ha Ram, Prince Yangmyeong, the Mountain Goddess Grandma

I hope everyone had a great Chuseok/Mid-Autumn week because it better have been good to make me not go rabidly angry that the family holiday led to a one week preemption of airing new episodes of SBS Mon-Tues drama Lovers of the Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi). I was kinda close to turning into my version of the red eyed Demon except with less goth tendencies hehehe. The new stills are out for this Monday’s new episode showing Kim Yoo Jung’s Hong Chun Gi interacting with Ha Ram, the second male lead Prince Yangmyeong, as well as the mysterious Mountain Goddess Granny. I’m so meh on her for being on the sidelines of this whole good-versus-evil battle and having my OTP babies suffer when I think she can woman-handle her compatriot the Smoke Demon if she wanted to. With that said, we wouldn’t have a drama to watch in that case so I guess some suffering is needed to manifest the pathos.

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