One of Jo Byung Gyu’s South Korean School Bullying Accuser Recants and Apologizes, But Allegations From His New Zealand Accuser Still Stands so K-netizens are Not Buying This Attempt to Whitewash Everything

This week K-actor Jo Byung Gyu‘s bullying allegations case took a new turn of events. His agency HB Entertainment has asked the police to investigate in order to clear his name and this week one accuser who is South Korean and went to school with Jo Byung Gyu has recanted the allegations and written an apology. His agency is spinning this as a full exoneration of his bullying allegations but K-netizens have a detailed memory that allegations against Jo Byung Gyu were from multiple sources and the most serious one was from a classmate in New Zealand where he went to high school with. The New Zealand alleged victim has NOT recanted and withdrawn the allegations and is not the same person who recanted this week, so it’s sorta still status quo on his case. I think his agency is pushing him hard enough they will continue to throw money and manpower to exonerate him or hope this recent news is enough to clear his reputation enough for him to stage a comeback. I think the jury is out on this one for the time being.

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