SBS Fri-Sat Drama One the Woman Jumps in Episode 3 Ratings by 4.5% Ratings to Hit a High of 12.7%

I love me a black horse and the breakout in the second weekend of a jam packed premiere slot last week is none other than SBS Fri-Sat drama One the Woman. Starring Honey Lee and Lee Sang Yoon, the drama was lagging behind MBC action powerhouse The Veil (Black Sun) in pre-premiere anticipation but has broken out in the ratings battle. The Veil has increased in ratings in episode 3 to 9.8% but it’s the jump to double digits by One the Woman to 12.7% and the accompanying buzz that has shifted the spotlight to this drama. Naysayers say it’s Honey Lee reprising her The Fiery Priest performance but she’s definitely carved a niche out for herself as the super gorgeous visual woman with a hotblooded personality, not just in Priest but also in hit movie Extreme Jobs (awesome fun, BTW). I’m always open to a drama surprising me with its watchability which seems to be the consensus for One the Woman, it’s entertaining and delivers on all three fronts – acting, directing, and script.

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