Song Hye Kyo is the Cover Model for the Most Exclusive Vogue September 2021 Edition

The stars are aligned with this one – top actress Song Hye Kyo is back on the promo circuit due to a new drama Now, We Are Breaking Up premiering in mid-fall, and it so happens to be a drama set in the fashion industry. That timing means she’s the perfect cover model for the most exclusive Vogue Korea September issue. Vogue remains the granddame of fashion magazines ahead of Harper’s Bazaar and Elle as the next level in couture. The two covers are out and she’s framed against what I think is the rising sun against the Seoul backdrop. Those better at discerning sunrise and sunset lighting can correct me if it’s a sundown look. She’s styled more sleek and subtle in this look, not my fave but still eye-catching with how she just dresses with fierce confidence.

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