Song Jae Rim confirmed to join the upcoming JTBC drama “Blood Riding Love”!

Song Jae Rim teams up with Kim Min Seok and Nam Gyu Ri in the upcoming drama “Blood Riding Love.”

On September 9th Song Jae Rim’s agency shared the news through various media outlets that the actor is confirmed to star in the drama “Blood Riding Love.” 

“Blood Riding Love” will be a collaboration among director Park Gwang Choon and writers Kwon Hee Kyung and Park Hyun Jin.

“Blood Riding Love” is a love and unification project between South Korea’s world star who has enlisted in the army and a North Korean female warrior.

Kim Min Seok will play the role of the world star named Lloyd. He enlisted in the military to serve the country. Nam Gyu Ri will play the role of Baek Young Ok, a member of the North Korean 8th Corps special forces. Meanwhile, Song Jae Rim will take on the role of Sung Jae Hoon. He is also a North Korean special forces soldier. He’s an urban man who speaks the Seoul language. He will play as the villain that threatens the unification of Korea.

“Blood Riding Love” will reportedly air in the first half of 2022.  

Song Jae Rim previously starred in the 2021 KakaoTV drama “How to be Thirty” with Jung In Sun, CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk, Cha Min Ji, EXID’s Ahn Hee Yeon, and Baek Sung Chul. 

Aside from the upcoming drama “Blood Riding Love,” Song Jae Rim will star in several upcoming movies such as “I’ll Become Rich,” “Salmon,” “Hello,” and “The Angel Without, The Devil Within.”

Song Jae Rim was also part of the dramas “I Wanna Hear Your Song,” “Clean with Passion for Now,” “Our Gap Soon,” “Good-bye, Mr. Black,” “Surplus Princess,” and many more.


Are you excited to see a new side of Song Jae Rim in the upcoming drama “Blood Riding Love”?

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