Tons of New Stills Released of Leads Han So Hee and Ahn Bo Hyun in Upcoming Netflix Revenge Thriller My Name

It’s so weird going from Ahn Bo Hyun dressed like a hobo space rabbit in the upcoming Yumi’s Cells to him looking smexy and kickass in the also upcoming My Name. He’ll be pulling a Joo Ji Hoon from last two in having two K-dramas airing on the same time come next month in October. My Name will be released with all episodes on October 15th and more than the male lead it’s the central story of Han So Hee as the female lead who goes undercover as a cop to revenge her father’s murder. I think Han So Hee looks great in all the stills I’ve seen of her for this drama and it’s clear Netflix is doing a lot of promotions for it. The two leads will play police detective partners though she’s an undercover mole but goodness if my partner was as ridiculously hot as Ahn Bo Hyun is I think she may have an additional reason to go to the good side by the end heh.

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