Zhang Zhe Han’s C-fans Desert Him En Masse and Industry Insiders Share Stories of His Previous Bad Attitude as Additional Pictures Unearthed of Him Doing the Nazi Salute and Other Questionable Conduct

The last 48-hour Chinese speaking media entertainment news has been dominated by C-actor Zhang Zhe Han‘s past conduct of visiting Japanese WWII military war criminal enshrined Yasukuni Shrine and attending a wedding at Nagi Shrine which also venerates military figures involved in the Japanese invasion of China. He lost every single brand endorsement (close to 30) within 24-hours and he had only recently exploded in popularity after wuxia BL drama Word of Honor which aired in early 2021. So less than 6 months after hitting it big his career is done. Even his C-fandom, which was huge after WoH, has left as even diehard fans say this isn’t just a forgivable mistake as even elementary school students are taught Chinese history and know such basics as why China is so upset at Japan’s refusal to accept wartime responsibility and continue to venerate their convicted war criminals who caused murder and mayhem in China at Yasukuni Shrine.

Reportedly it was Zhang Zhe Han’s own C-fans who shared the pictures with the broader public after they felt he really let them down by leading them on and being so shallow. Dang, talk about hung by your own petard. After the news broke, additional pictures from his past that was posted on SNS have been unearthed and it adds additional reason to think he can never recover from this: he was seen pinching the nipple of a mermaid statue like a douche, he sat on the grave of a famed historical courtesan figure casually taking a picture, he did the Nazi salute and afterwards his fans all mimicked the salute when visiting the same picture site to pay homage to him, he posted a picture of a car decorated by the Rising Sun flag (the Japanese military flag). In addition, lots of industry professionals including magazine editors, show runners, and photographers have come forward sharing stories of how Zhang Zhe Han was late to recordings, his team insisted on re-doing photoshoots, he had a bad attitude, and had faked the whole scholarly, genteel persona which sometimes slipped as once he was asked about shooting a make-out scene with a female costar and he said “it got my beastly urges up.”

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