Salt Entertainment Makes Statement Nearly 24 Hours After Kim Sun Ho Scandal Breaks and Still Checking on Veracity, 11th Street Deletes Him From Official Instagram, and Shin Mina Cancels Scheduled Hometown Cha Cha Cha Interview

A burgeoning scandal is like a fire. It can die on its own if it’s small and has no tinder (truth and/or coverage), but if it has legs behind it then the only way to stave off burning the house down is to fight it properly with water (i.e. a response and follow ups). The exploded within the past 24-hours scandal surrounding K-actor Kim Sun Ho is still developing but his agency Salt Entertainment went MIA and reporters said phone calls were not picked up and voicemails left not answered, and that’s a bad way to respond. Of course the agency could be hamstrung in being able to respond in a manner that can quiet the storm and is still figuring things out, but that leaves the fire to burn out of control and it’s questionable when Salt does respond whether Kim Sun Ho’s career by then is already over or salvageable. Salt finally released a statement early Tuesday morning nearly 24 hours after the allegations broke that it was still checking on the truth. Uhm, they could have released that particular “checking on it” statement right away instead of waiting for now. In the meantime, another of Kim Sun Ho’s endorsement deals 11th Street has deleted him from its official Instagram account, and his costar in Hometown Cha Cha Cha K-actress Shin Mina‘s agency announced that her post-drama interview which was scheduled for today was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

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