TV Chosun Weekend Drama Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music Becomes 2021 Cable TV Highest Rated Single Episode 15 of Season 2 Get 14.811%

TV Chosun weekend drama Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music continues to play on with more and more viewers tuning in, despite it being season 2 and towards the end of its run. The crescendo of buzz has brought in a new 2021 cable channel record ratings as episode 15 got 14.811%, which is the highest single episode of any cable show this year. It dethroned Vincenzo which got 14.636% in its final episode 20. There could be a chance for another currently airing drama to take over as sitting in third place is the second season of Hospital Playlist with 13.151% in episode 6. After that it’s Mine episode 16 with 10.512% and rounding out the top 5 is Bossam: Steal the Fate episode 20 which got 9.759%. However today Sunday will be the final episode of Marriage Lyrics and I’m curious to see how high the ratings will go.

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